I always had an interest in boxing as a cynomel young girl. Being told I was unable to participate in certain sports struck a nerve with me. I wanted to be the best, do the best, and overcome any fear that might have tried to get in my way. It was a joy to go through the pain and was something I welcomed because I knew there would be growth at the end.



There is so much to be grateful for! Before I say my thank you to everyone I want to let you know what my message is in my victory…. It is to pursue your enemy, increase your faith, and hold onto your promise. Put God in all that you do, and let the Holy Spirit elevate you in your natural walk. God is good and has a plan and promise for all of our lives. Pursue your enemy and find strength in the lord when you are weary. The enemy try’s to attack us in our mind and spirit when we are tried and tested. But there is strength within each and every one of us. Hold on to the promise from God. Those dreams and desires that are placed on your heart are there for a reason. For you to go out there and grab them. Anything and everything is possible when you have faith. It takes courage to put your faith to the test, but the lord says to be bold. Not to ask for boldness but to be it, because it is within us. Thank you to all my fans that came out and supported me last night. Also a special thank you to my love @robeliny for being a strong faithful loving man in my life and helping me achieve such great success. Thank you for my team Leon Taylor, Delen Parsley, Adam Glenn and my manager Brian Cohen, also @dibellaent for anadrol gyno prevention welcoming me to the team with such a phenomenal platform to shine on last night. Thank you to PBC and everyone else who was involved with putting me at a respectable placement on the card. Thank you to my sister and her husband @maoftwins814 my brother @napoleonrunning my family my friends @chrislc2121 my Overthow family @overthrownewyork my church @upperroomchurch and pastor @regan_donofrio my camp grounds @gleasonsgym my beloved coach that has shaped me in past years that has allowed to to be ready for this moment @dannynicholasboxing to one of my first stomping grounds @mendezboxinggym to all of you that have had a special place in my life and in my heart and has allowed me to grow and achieve great things. I love you all and most importantly thank you my lord and savour Jesus Christ for your grace and favour that is upon me. #TheEmpress


Alicia Napoleon, born of Italian decent to a family of artist and entrepreneurs on January 26, 1986, was introduced to the sport of boxing in her late teens. Now an uprising star in the professional world of boxing, Alicia has a perfect professional record: 7-0, with all 5 wins by knock out, and is currently the WBCsilver super welterweight Champion of the world Alicia began training at age 18 in Manorville maxtreme pharma and attended her first competition at 20. Her illustrious amateur career has been laced with notable accolades, including a 22-5 record, 11 amateur titles, two NY Golden Gloves, one National Golden Glove, two National bronze medals, three Metro Belts, one Empire State Game, one Platinum Gloves and one NYABC belt. She is number 1 in the United States and number 4 in the world, making her way to number 1 as she continues to dominate and win remaining undefeated.

Alicia gets her strengths and talents from a long line of hard-working, talented Italian people. She has been molded with strength and talents from her musically-gifted, entrepreneur father and fashionably-inclined, model mother. Thus, Alicia has developed a dual personality. On one hand, she has a passion for aggressive contact competition and on the other, a love for romance and art. Known d ball steroid pills as “The Empress,” and a renaissance woman at heart, Alicia has used her hands to not only destroy her opponents, but to create immaculate paintings inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Picasso, Alex Katz, & Elizabeth Peyton. Her painting style displays her love of life on large scales of canvas adorned with bold, vibrant colors. Alicia is influencing the art world as much as the boxing world, and currently has her work featured in gallery212 in Wynwood, Miami, where it is attracting crowds from Miami’s most popular art walks and art Basel.

As if all this were not enough, Alicia is also currently running a full-time business in Manhattan-an innovative, trendy-yet-old New York gym that fuses fashion and fitness.In May 2015, Alicia was brought on as one of the partners dedicated to developing the Overthrow Boxing Gym as a hip place to stay fit for boxers of all ages and levels.

Alicia is also one of the top ticket sellers in NY, having out-sold every fighter on every NY card. She’s a smart, talented woman dedicated to equal opportunity and the empowerment of women, ready to take not only women boxing but women’s daily lives to a level above and cytomel t3 buy online beyond any thought possible today.