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short steroid cycle

Short steroid cycle usually adhere to the athletes seeking to inflict minimum damage to natural testosterone production. Stick to short steroid cycle, and those athletes who over a long period of time plan to stay in a form close to the competition, in the event of the competition taking place with a small period of time, frequent photo shoots, promotions, demonstrations etc.

Finally, short steroid cycle adhere to the athletes, whose daily doses of AAS can reach several grams, i.e., using the principle of “swierzawski”. Again I want to repeat what has been said before: use a ultra-high dosage benefit only those athletes, whose experience of initiation to androgens is several years old, preferably not less than 5-6, and which are beyond its genetic potential.

The advantages of short steroid cycle lie on the surface — following them, you will not suppress completely the production of endogenous testosterone, and therefore can take a break in taking steroids fairly painless, without prejudice achieved. In addition, you’ll always be only to rack up achievements, and not to follow a slightly modified Leninist formula “two steps forward — step back — two steps forward”.

Steroid Cycle

Yes, and to adjust their training program under short cycles easier — it is naturally embedded in such a periodization. Another advantage of short cycles, there has been no significant increase in globulin, linking sex hormones (GPSG), and therefore the amount of free testosterone in the blood remains at a high level, as does not occur and downregulate specific receptors on the cell surface.

Shortcomings too much. First, the choice of drugs has been shrinking dramatically, and secondly, the cost of this steroid cycle will still be slightly higher than the cost of the “direct cycle”

10-12 weeks due to the use of more expensive drugs. Thirdly, some weeks it is impossible to achieve impressive progress in building muscle mass. Although it is not an axiom.

There are several principles of short steroid cycle. The most famous is the principle of “2/4” — this means that in this case the athlete two weeks is under “downloads” and 4 weeks — in the recovery stage. From my point of view, the most legitimate are the cycles, built on the principle of “3/3”, we are going to consider in the future. To be more precise, the “download” androgens can last 20-24 days, the same amount will last and the recovery period.

Selection of drugs

Naturally in short cycles “fit” injecting drugs with a relatively small half-life, such as: testosterone suspension, testosterone propionate, testosterone isobutyrate, drostanolone propionate (Masteron), trenbolone acetate, injectable steroids stanozolol (Winstrol depot). In addition, there is rightfully applicable to all oral medications: methandrostenolone, oxymetholone (androlic), Oxandrolone (Anavar), trenbolone acetate tablets, tableted stanozolol, fluoxymesterone (halotestin). With some reservations can be used and mixtures of esters of testosterone — Omnadren and Sustanon, but their use at very short cycle times are only used by experienced users. Throughout the cycle can be applied Methenolone enanthate and Oxandrolone — these medications (in reasonable dosages) do not affect the body’s own production of testosterone and insulin-like growth factor.

As you can see, the list did not get enough “short-lived” nandrolone phenylpropionate, the fact that the use of nandrolone in short cycles is highly undesirable, as this drug, due to a pronounced progestogenic activity, especially strongly suppresses the endogenous production of testosterone.