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injectable steroids

So everybody, even the most roundnose kacham, today it is known that anabolic steroids have two Thomas release oral and injectable steroids. And both have their advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps start with oral steroids.

Just want to note that their range is not so wide and they all can count on your fingers well it is of course known to all and Sundry “methane” and all its full counterparts under titles such as Dianabol, Nerobolum, etc. etc, then this is the oral form of Winstrol is also known under the names of Stanazolol and Stromba and all that jazz, well you can still mention oral Primobolan and exotic Uzbek Ecdysten, add Oxymetholon and capsules Andriol – that’s probably all that now you can get them in USA and known to all avid fans of chemicals. We describe briefly how are oral steroids. It is known that a simple testosterone cannot be absorbed orally, it is destroyed in the stomach and intestines before absorbed into the bloodstream. It has been proven by hundreds of experiments on athletes. Why? In women it is easier to determine the increased level of male sex hormones in the blood. Well, it is known that in male semen along with seminal fluid and sperm is allocated a number of the male sex hormone testosterone. Get the idea? No? Well sports physicians offered to athletes directly before the show to take with the liquid for a dramatic increase in the level of hormones in the blood.

For these purposes, competition drove donors men with a great opportunity to isolate the sperm.

Where to buy anabolic steroids (injectable steroids)?

I do not know where the athletes took the liquid? May sucked (I’d like to be a donor) ? Well, it turned out that it is useless for the reasons which I have already spoken. Well, of course, that the women members from this to suck just did this and it is truly great! This, of course, we digress from the main topic. All oral steroids are designed at the molecular level so that they do not break down completely in the intestine and absorbed into the bloodstream. The blood passes through the cleaning cycle through the liver, which is the main filter of the body, where a fair share of the drug in is activated.

That is the main cause of death of liver cells due to the shock techniques of oral steroids. The offer of many doctors to accept this type of drugs per oral i.e. under the tongue, bypassing the stage of purification of the blood by the liver, I think is very uncomfortable and painful. Try to walk about fifteen minutes after complete dissolution of the tablets under the tongue with a mouth full of those nasty saliva. Liked? I think you will score on this garbage in a couple of methods. He tried a bunch of times and was immediately sick. Know very Intrusive! Of course, oral medications is very convenient to use. They are chosen by people who are afraid of injections and will never change this form of steroids. Well, what can I say? Except to shrug! Another advantage and simultaneous disadvantage of oral drugs is that they are not very long and are rapidly destroyed in the liver and blood. The lifetime of oral steroids to a day. For this reason, this type of drugs are used in equal installments during the day to maintain proper level of hormones in the blood. Very comfortable oral steroids for athletes who are in competition face a drug test. Let me remind you that oral medications are very quickly and eliminated from the body. So depending on your body after you finish taking chemistry in 5-10 days, no test will not detect you, neither in the urine nor in the blood metabolites and hormones. Also in the conclusion of the narrative about this group of steroids I would like to note that usually injectable and oral medications one steroid at the same dosage differ in strength and duration. Apparently, in the words of many athletes, oral steroids are weaker than the equivalent injection. And that in General it is logical, because the current chemistry of drugs varies.
So, to recap and postulate all of the above.

  1. Oral steroids toxic for liver, unlike their injectable counterparts.
  2. Oral steroids are a very short period, causing a sharp increase and decrease in the level of hormones in the blood.
  3. From the previous point to two conclusions. Is that the pills need to take equal portions during the day.
  4. And a second terminal. Oral steroids are very quickly eliminated from the body. Literally a week and you are clean as a whistle.
  5. This kind of steroids are preferred by beginners, people who fear injections and athletes, walking under the sword of the doping test.

Oral steroids

Now let us consider the injection of steroids. This group of drugs is I would say the antithesis of oral steroids in the majority. And the range of injectable steroids are much broader and more diverse. Separately want to mention the injectable form of Winstrol is it different from all other injectable forms of Stroilov and we’ll talk about it later separately. So, if you take any vials with anabolic steroids, then no fundamental difference to the smell nor especially light you will not notice. What is this hellish mixture that pray hundreds of millions of people around the world? If you have already read an article about essential testosterone compounds and their analogues, then you know that in order for a molecule of testosterone did not immediately destroyed in the blood they cling to various types of esters. These molecular giants, however, are hydrophobic i.e. insoluble in water. All this stuff really dissolves the oil, but of course, that the place of fat, use natural oils. Use peanut oil, peach and apricot. After mixing vegetable oils and essential drug compounds are subjected to special cleaning. This kind of cleaning is required to destroy all microorganisms, settled in the solution and removal of all unnecessary foreign particles and suspensions.

Sometimes however when working lines for the production of steroids in the same proverbial “Gedeon Richter” failures happen and this stage is skipped for one reason or another, not to mention the underground spill in ampoules of the same sterolov where any sterilization and apirogennost drugs is not the question. It turns out that you are purchasing a vial of their favorite steroid, and injected half an hour covered with a red rash.

What is it?

Your question is legitimate. It is a struggle of your organism with the disease that you yourself injected together with a couple of cubes of butter. I note that this happens sooner or later with any Amateur chemistry. In the original casting of such a “dirty ampoule” catches on average one in a hundred. It happens that not warming up the oil to the right temperature and sealed ampoules. Marriage? Marriage tell you. But not to lose money? Not stupid drug dealers are buying up on the cheap this gagennau batch of injectable steroids. And it well pays more and the miracle factory pharmacologists wonderful to get rid of the marriage for the money.

Isn’t it a miracle? So have him thrown out, and at least some loot. Here’s why you should not rejoice at the sight of cheap chemicals and throw her to buy from the person you first time in my life I see.

I advise you to have your drag dealer and purchased only through him. Such a tandem is useful for both the sportsman and the dealer. One regular customer has a different quality and pure chemicals. Oh well this business the tenth. Back to our injectable steroids. Briefly describe what happens next. After you have made yourself the injection or another preparation of the oil it is deposited in the so-called fat depots. Be stored there the short steroid cycle may be long enough for a couple of days (for example Propionate and Primobolan) up to year (well-known DECA)

The degree of resorption and the use of the drug depends on tsepelyaeva ether. The longer side chain is essential especially for longer stays in the fat depot preparation. This dissolved in the fat depot medication is gradually enters the blood. Of course, the blood brings the molecule hormones to all cells in the body, but even a no-brainer that at the injection site of the steroid concentration is always much higher than in other parts of the body.

This thesis confirms the experience of numerous athletes for the perforation of chemistry in tufts of shoulder, biceps and triceps, calf and thigh. It is a more enhanced growth of the affected tissues. However it should be noted that these injections are not always quite pleasant and sometimes painful, but the habit of raping corn needle in the ass to change hard.

The advantages of such injectable steroids have been harvested immediately. It is rare they receive from one to three ampoules per week. Let’s say you don’t need to eat 6 tablets of methane daily, but you can just stick a bottle Soundboard and happy to go the whole week before your next shot and not to worry. The curve of increase and decrease of force of action of the drug is different for different injectable steroids. If, for example, the same Propionate starts to act after a couple of hours after the injection, the fruits of the puncture Soundboard in full force you will start to reap the commercials in five days. It is clear that caught injectable steroids on doping tests elementary. This applies in particular to the Soundboard. You can catch her in the urine even after a year and a half after the last injection. The main positive feature of injecting drugs is their low toxicity to the liver and kidneys. Even the strongest and most androgenic drugs in injectable version is simply “God’s dandelions” in comparison with their oral counterparts. So the similarity of the results?

  1. Injectable steroids to use and convenient and inconvenient at the same time. Depends which side to consider this issue. Inconvenient to those who are afraid of injections, but is convenient because the injections can be done from once a week or more, and not to eat a handful of pills daily.
  2. the duration of the mostly injectable steroids much more than their oral counterparts from three days to one month.
  3. selection of the drug into the blood from fat depots occurs almost uniformly at certain stages. And it is very convenient as regular hormonal explosions in the body even more harmful than a huge dose of the same oral steroids.
  4. Uncomfortable many injectable drugs in the presence of the doping control.