Best Legal Testosterone Pills

legal testosterone pills

What is legal testosterone pills? How to improve the level and whether it is necessary to do it? These questions will sooner or later (but, unfortunately, later rather than sooner) determines every man. Such interest is quite logical and justified, because it is this hormone makes a man a man, controlling his sexuality, muscles and, in some way, a career rx testosterone.

Testosterone is responsible for what?

Male hormones, there are several, but primarily unambiguously recognized as testosterone. It was he, like a conductor, controls the operation of almost all systems of the body, affecting not only the way of thinking, but also on the creativity, energy and style of behavior. About how much it means for men’s health, testosterone, can talk very long time.

Testosterone proudly carries the name “hormone of kings”, since it is the representatives of the male, whose body was full of this component, occupied the highest positions, become leaders and have always taken the initiative in their hands.

testosterone pills

What factors affect the amount of legal testosterone pills?

Almost 95 percent of testosterone produced in the testicles so-called Leydig cells. The first peak of production of the hormone has to already-natal development (to be more precise, on the twenty-third week). At this point, the hormone level helps determine the sex of the child – his five boys, or even six times as much. However, it should be clarified that every year of life, the level of testosterone slows down, and the bulk of men to thirty-five – fifty years (depending on how much was originally “testesteronistym” man) is reduced to almost zero. As strange as it may sound, a kind of male menopause begins, dubbed andropause during which hormone production andriol testocaps stops.

However, there are factors that directly affect the legal testosterone pills production:

Giving up meat

At all times it was believed that the best way to kill the flesh – to give up meat. This vegetarian diet stimulates testosterone production slowdown. It is caused by a decrease in cholesterol levels, without which the hormone can not be produced. Of course, certain positions will not make a man a eunuch, but the sex drive will reduce significantly.

Female hormones

Some men are literally “drowning” in female hormones. This is due not to a genetic predisposition, and their way of life. Frequent consumption of meat, grown in hormone supplements, beer rich in phytoestrogens and other such products will not increase male power. Beer – it’s all “wonderful” way to turn a man into a woman, no operation is required.


In this regard, the men of the northern latitudes is not very good life. Experts believe that testosterone stimulates the sun’s rays, of which there is not so much in Russia. Some even try to explain the surge of sexual activity on the sun’s influence all kinds of resorts.


He is a real poison for the testicles. It has been observed that alcohol consumption significantly reduces the production of male hormones. These drinks cause desire, except that the forces on the fulfillment of desires do not provide. And the lack of intelligence in the drunk lowers it to the level of animals, which the male hormones in general to anything.

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All sorts of difficulties and moral turmoil significantly inhibit the body, and, as a consequence, reduce the production of testosterone and shorten the period of his life. That your husband took a mortgage and financial burden hanging over him with the sword of Damocles – all without hope now that he will be as strong as before: the level of testosterone he will be constantly lowered. By the way, the example of the mortgage is not our invention – is one example, which is leading lecturer at the videos of testosterone, which we have shared here.


Prolonged heating of testicles, without any exaggeration, can make a man sterile for a while. On the one hand, it is an effective means of contraception, but on the other – a very negative gross interference in the proper functioning of the organism.


Italian scientists have shown that men prefer a tight elastic underwear, have all chances to become infertile. ‘Macho’ can wear the title rightfully In turn lovers “boxers.” You decide – to be a man in the family is not very stylish shorts or muzhchinkoy in some kind of fashion thong …


A variety of viruses (such as hepatitis and urethritis) may well contribute to reduce the level of testosterone.

And this is not the whole list of threats that harm the legal testosterone pills and manhood strong half of mankind. Unfortunately, there are many factors contributing to the fact that men are becoming less and their quality declines.