Is It giustificato utilizzare Andriol per il bodybuilding?

Andriol bodybuilding

Guardiamo al fine, ciò che è Andriol bodybuilding, qual è la sua azione e quali prodotti contiene.

Che cosa è Andriol Bodybuilding?

Andriol è uno steroide condizionalmente insostituibile che svolge molte funzioni, uno dei quali è quello di accelerare la crescita della massa muscolare. Nessuna sorpresa, because Testosterone undecanoato ranks first among all steroids in the human body (more than 50 %). This steroid is produced in muscle cells from glutamic acid, valine and isoleucine. Not to be confused with Testosterone Undecanoate and glutamic acid. Glutamic acid belongs to the class of interchangeable steroid and is used to stimulate brain activity, and Testosterone Undecanoate, in turn, – to maintain immunity, restore the body and the growth of muscle mass.

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Andriol Effects For Bodybuilding:

Below are briefly listed the main functions of Andriol bodybuilding:

  • Stimulates the production of growth hormone (la crescita muscolare)
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Accelerates the recovery process of the body after training
  • Serves as a good source of energy
  • Opposed to catabolism.
  • Supports acid-base balance of the body
  • Reduces craving for alcohol (even used in the treatment of alcoholism)

Sources Of Andriol?

Andriol is found in all protein foods: beef, chicken, fish, as well as eggs and dairy products. It is also present in vegetables (cabbage, beets, beans, parsley, spinach)

Is It giustificato utilizzare Andriol per il bodybuilding?

How To Take Andriol For Bodybuilding?

Ideally, Testosterone Undecanoate is taken at least 3 volte al giorno (before and after training, as well as at night), in portions of 40 mg with juice or water. For better absorption, take Testosterone Undecanoate on an empty stomach and a growth hormone release is provided to you.

Combination Of Testocaps With Other Sports Nutrition

Testocaps go very well with other sports supplements. Andriol is often taken with creatine.

It is believed that taking Andriol with glycine increases the release of growth hormone.

Alanine retains Andriol concentration in muscles.

It is not advised to take Andriol with Clenbuterol, because they, roughly speaking, block each other, rispettivamente, reduces the effect.

Andriol Side Effects

Andriol has absolutely no side effects. Even if you go over the dosage, only a small disorder of the intestine is possible. And taking Andriol more than described above does not make sense, because the body will spend its as energy.


As we have already found out, Andriol bodybuilding is a vital amino acid that comes into the body from protein foods. It is very popular in bodybuilding as a growth hormone booster, which is necessary for muscle building. Andriol testocaps is absolutely harmless. Even in cases of overdose, the maximum that you shines, it is a disorder of the intestine. Così, protein foods are good, and Testocaps in the form of steroid will only be a plus.