Delivery of injectable and oral steroids to USA, to UK and worldwide – How we send packages in order to turn you to our loyal customer.

Once order is paid and payment passes our manual verification (check out our Payments section) order is considered as paid.

Products are shipped from different locations: Europe, Singapore, India, Turkey.

Orders are being packed with great care and attention to pass any custom control and to ensure that items arrive not damaged. Ampoules are inserted in special trays and vials are being wrapped. We also make picture of every parcel and send to customer – you can check examples in our Inventory section.

Once package is brought to post it is being examined by export custom.

Since we are shipping products from countries where there are no restrictions regarding shipping of such sport supplements this process is being passed without any problem.

But it may take 2-3 business days for item to be shipped out.

Tracking code is sent to the customer as soon as we get it from post. But due to post services delays in may take 1-4 business days for it to appear online in tracking systems. Since we have different warehouses items that you buy may be shipped from different places. This means that your order may arrive in different parcels. You will get tracking code of every parcel separately.

Shipping can be traced on site for USA customers, on Royal post site for UK residents or any local EMS shipping site.

There are some aggregated tracking sites like that can also be utilized to check the status of your delivery.

You can always check the status of your order on site.

We are tracking packages from our side too and if for some reason a package is not moving too long (over 10 business days) we send you email notification.

If the order is already in your country we encourage you to call your local post office and ask what’s wrong with the delivery.

Usually this happens when post officer tried to deliver package while you were absent.

Delivery rate is 99% to USA and most countries. But what if package is stopped on custom?

In a rare case package is stopped on custom. Instruction for customers who’s orders are stopped on border:

1. You contact local post office with tracking code and request status of the package.
2. If package is stopped you will get official notification
3. When we see this notification we will pass your order for FREE reshipping
4. If you do not have a post notification and package status does not show delivery status with 30 days after it’s shipped we offer 2 options: we refund 50% of your order price* or offer FREE reshipping**.

Reshipping policy to USA and UK and other customers.

Customers from United States and United Kindgom represent 90% of customers. We offer the following reshipping process reshipping policy to all customers.

If package is stopped this is most likely because your country regulations do not approve such products to be sent by post.

In such cases we loose products and shipping cost.

In order to partially solve this problem we offer you to choose one of our 2 main proposals for customers:

1) Refund of 50% of order price.*

2) We can offer you to arrange FREE reshipping from another warehouse.**

Free reshipping is arranged once during 10 days. But in most cases we provide tracking code of reshipped package is being provided with 5 days

We welcome you to choose one of the options and tell us your decision via our support ticket system.


50% refund is offered exluding shipping. This means that shipping fee is not refundable. For example, if your order price is $100 and shipping fee is $25 we refund 50% of order price only ($50)

Plus we offer you 10% discount on next order.

** Free Reshipping

We arrange free reshipping under following conditions. Our product providers produce products in packages that is absolutely different from original package just for cases when first package is stopped. They offer steroids to be shipped in boxes and vials that do not have any mention of products that are packaged. Products are being packed like regular sport supplements (proteins, casein, amino acids). So the chances that this type of package will pass custom clearance are 100% and this is proved by our several returning customers.

If you are our new customer we welcome you to place a test order for a small amount or one product only. In this case you will be sure that you are dealing with reputable seller and we will be pleased to offer you a discount on your new orders.