What is better for biceps, dumbbell or barbell?

One of the most common questions in athleticism. What better develops the biceps, barbell or dumbbells? But in reality, the correct answer here is not to find out what is better, but to figure out how to effectively combine these two types of training. In fact, both dumbbells and barbells are equally effective for biceps, […]

Andriol in bodybuilding: Side effects and Reviews

The drug is used in bodybuilding andriol recently, from the late 80s of the last century. It is an anabolic steroid, the active substance – testosterone undecanoate. Produced in capsules and injections, used most often in oral form. Reason – quite low compared with other similar substances, toxicity to the organism and expressed displays flavoring. […]

The main advantages in the use of Andriol

“Andriol” – one of the few new steroids that have appeared in recent years. Unlike most anabolic steroids, which entered the market in the 50-60-ies (and partly already and disappear), “Andriol” exists only since the early 80s. This circumstance is probably the explanation why “Andriol” occupies a special place among the steroids. This – a […]

Should Andriol with male hormone applied to ladies?

What would have made mankind without hormone testosterone? Perhaps, it would simply not appear. This substance is present in every person, but the man is decisive. After all, this is the hormone responsible for male traits appearance, character, behavior. It is necessary for the development of male reproductive system. The representatives of the strong half […]

Andriol: Instructions for use, contraindications, and composition

Structure and Composition Mode of action Pharmacokinetics Indications Contraindications Side effects Dosage and administration precautions Storage conditions Shelf life ATX G03BA03 Testosterone Pharmacological groups Androgens, anti-androgens Antitumor hormonal and hormone antagonists Nosological classification (ICD-10) E25 adrenal disorders E29 testicular dysfunction 2 Lack of genital response Unspecified M81.9 Osteoporosis N50 Other disorders of male genital organs […]

Andriol: Course for beginners

Andriol – oral anabolic steroid. This medication contains testosterone undecanoate ester. Oral administration of Andriol does not allow to bypass the liver (as stated in many sources). However, we need to know that the process of alkilyatsii 17? for esters hardly feasible task, moreover, it is complicated by the presence of methyl gruppy.A it means […]

Effects of Low Testosterone

Reduced testosterone levels in men – is a natural and, unfortunately, irreversible aging process. In addition to the natural aging to reduce the level of androgens play an important role state of general health, the image of an individual’s life, bad habits, and more. Thus, the presence of certain chronic diseases leads to a decrease […]

Best Legal Testosterone Pills

testosterone pills

What is testosterone? How to improve the level and whether it is necessary to do it? These questions will sooner or later (but, unfortunately, later rather than sooner) determines every man. Such interest is quite logical and justified, because it is this hormone makes a man a man, controlling his sexuality, muscles and, in some […]

Lixus Labs Test 400

Lixus Labs Test 400

Lixus Labs Test 400 information: Description Lixus Test 400 is a unique blend in that it is a blend of 3 different testosterone esters giving a total of 400mg of testosterone. Testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate are slow acting esters with a half life almost double of testosterone propionate The test propionate element of Lixus […]