How To Take Testosterone Cypionate In Bodybuilding?

how to take testosterone cypionate in bodybuilding

They release Testosterone Cypionate for bodybuilding, which is currently the leader in the list of steroids, in the form of injections. It is incredibly popular among athletes who want to build muscle and increase strength, so what form and how its to take for many athletes is quite urgent and topical issue.

The safety and effectiveness of Testosterone Cypionate is confirmed by hundreds of scientific in-depth studies, which are devoted to the whole work. No other supplement has received such close attention. This allows us to say with accuracy that the use of Testosterone Cypionate bodybuilding to increase the strength, weight, performance of muscle tissues is absolutely harmless.

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What Is Testosterone Cypionate For Bodybuilding?

It is an organic substance synthesized in the liver from glycine, arginine, methionine. A day produces no more than one gram of its own Testosterone. It also enters the body with beef, pork, salmon.

About 95% of the substance is accumulated in muscle tissue, and then consumed as an energy source during anaerobic loads, for example, during intensive strength training. Additional administration of Testosterone Cypionate is due to the ability of the substance to increase strength indicators, which allows you to increase a large volume of muscle mass.

The safety and efficacy of this organic substance is beyond doubt. However, taking the synthesized analog, you need to know how to do it to achieve consistently high and maximum performance.

Synthesized Testosterone Cypionate: Types And Differences

Malate, citrate, monohydrate, ethyl ester, whey is all testosterone which performs the same function but is presented by manufacturers in different ways. This has caused a huge amount of information as to how its best to take in order to get the maximum effect. Most of these data are not reliable, do not have any accurate scientific evidence base.

Appearing on sale another kind of Testosterone Cypionate bodybuilding is often presented with something incredible and superior in performance to other supplements produced before it. Such advertising and hype pursue the only goal — to sell as much product as possible.

There is no research that could prove that any other form of testosterone is better than monohydrate. The differences are in the rate of dissolution and absorption of the substance. The principle of operation and the result obtained from the use of a synthesized analog, regardless of the type, are the same.

Monohydrate is safe, effective, helps build muscle, increase strength. And in order not to overpay for the “novelty”, it is best to opt for this time-tested and affordable supplement.

testosterone cypionate bodybuilding

Use Of Testosterone Cypionate In Bodybuilding

supplementation regimens are numerous, but the most common is “Testosterone loading”. It is well studied and successfully used by athletes, followed by a supporting phase.

The main objective of the supplement is to replenish the muscle tissue stocks of Testosterone Cypionate. And the best way to achieve this is by taking 500 mg of the substance once a week. This rate is taken at a time, for example, to make an injection on Mondays.

After five or six days of loading, the stock of Testosterone Cypionate dosage is replenished, you can move to the supporting phase. It involves the use of substances in smaller quantities, that is, from 250 mg.

How Long To Take Testosterone Cypionate?

Long-term use of the substance, as shown by many studies, does not pose any danger to humans. You can take monohydrate for several months without any fear. The main thing is to have full confidence in the quality of the product.

There is Testosterone Cypionate 250mg with various additional additives, which contain potentially harmful impurities for humans. Therefore, it is better to take a clean Test C. to Be sure of absolute safety allows the purchase of brands such as Optimum Nutrition, in the production of which raw materials of exceptionally high quality are used.

Regarding the total duration of cyclic use, most often it is two months.

Eight-Week Cycle

In the first week, take 250 mg of the substance, which I take 1 time per week.

The second and subsequent weeks, including the eighth, use no more than 500 mg of Testosterone Cypionate.

Next, there is a monthly break, repeated cycle of six weeks.

There are no studies that would prove the negative impact of long-term administration of Testosterone Cypionate 250 mg. And if the additive is of high quality, the use can be continued for a whole year, following the selected scheme of reception. However, given the fact that the characteristics of each person’s body are different, it is better to decide on a long-term test Cyp after a preliminary consultation with a specialist.

When To Take Test Cypionate in Bodybuilding?

If you take 500 mg of Testosterone Cypionate at a time, such a large dose can cause stomach upset. This can be avoided by crushing the weekly rate of 2 admission. To do injections on 250 mg substances can be in Monday, and Thursday. The relationship between the time of use and the increase or decrease in the effectiveness of Testosterone Cypionate powder was not revealed.

There is a study that showed that the substance continues to work even after the completion of cyclic administration of Testosterone Cypionate powder. The supply that enters the body during the loading period remains consistently high and available for energy for a few more weeks. Therefore, there is no difference in when the next portion will be consumed.

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