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Trenbolone is basically a combination of multiple Trenbolone esters and this combination is injectable in nature and called as Trenbolone blend. This combination is of two Trenbolone esters which are Trenbolone acetate and Trenbolone enanthate. The overall combination is of 150mg/ml. the single Trenbolone can supply much greater amount of frequent release impact comparatively with the combination of the Trenbolone with esters.

Trenbolone blend is considered as one of the most powerful steroid for the purpose of bulking up or even for the cutting cycle. Trenbolone is highly known for the purpose of pre-contest supplement. By nature, Trenbolone is powerfully anabolic and androgenic. It also has the ability to restrict itself from converting to estrogen. The gains which are obtained from Trenbolone are of great quality and long lasting. Most of the users have reported losing a lot of weight while using Trenbolone. The recommended dose for men is one to two milliliter every week or 150 mg to 300 mg when combined with Trenbolone esters. Trenbolone is considered as extremely powerful when it is compared with other androgenic hormones or even with the testosterone. If the dose taken every week is 2cc then the results obtained from Trenbolone will be humungous. The suggested dose, if taken properly, can provide much gain with any of the side effects that are associated with it at higher doses. Most of the time, Trenbolone is combined with other bottom steroid. In the bulking up cycle, Trenbolone is often combined with androgenic hormones, with testosterones or sometimes with Boldenone. When the users are following the cutting cycle, Trenbolone is mostly combined with winstrol, Anavar or sometimes with Primobolan. For these purposes, the recommended, safest and effective dose of Trenbolone is 150 mg every week. Females are suggested to never use this steroid as it contains extremely strong androgenic effects and is used in longer period of time.

Similar to other long acting steroids combined with esters, Trenbolone provides a comprehensive extent related with the effect that it has on the human body as compared to Parabolan. The acetate ester that is combined with Trenbolone helps the blood level to reach the extreme level more quickly. Users who are willing to build muscles with Trenbolone, they must combine it with Parabolan, and the weekly shots could influence the stable discharge as compared with the mixture of the esters. However, the combination of Trenbolone with other esters is highly effective for the improvement of performance. This combination requires two to three injectable dose every week. Trenbolone combination also allows 150 mg/ml related with the steroids. This dose could double the original emphasis related with that of widely held traditional acetate based steroids could provide.

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Trenbolone Combination by Dragon Pharma
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