What Andriol Side Effects Can Occur With Weight Loss & Muscle Gain?

andriol side effects

What Is Andriol?

Andriol is a steroid found in cow’s milk and has almost no side effects. Testosterone Undecanoate is considered to be the main milk protein since its share is 80%, the remaining 20% is whey protein. Its is obtained by ultrafiltration from whole cow’s milk, which preserves a large amount of essential amino acids, which play a major role in fat burning and muscle building.

What Is Andriol Taken For?

Before we understand why athletes take Testosterone Undecanoate, it is necessary to determine the difference between its and the more well-known Andriol testocaps.

The main difference between Andriol testocaps and Testosterone Undecanoate is the slow rate of digestion (assimilation) by the body. Due to the slow breakdown of Testosterone Undecanoate protein, the body is saturated with amino acids for a long time, which prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue.

And so, we will discuss two of the most important issue. How important is Testosterone Undecanoate in:

  • weight loss;
  • gain muscle mass.
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Andriol Side Effects In Weight Loss

Andriol plays an important role in body drying (fat burning). Every athlete is interested in how to burn fat without losing muscle mass. So, Testosterone Undecanoate to help you. Its main qualities are reduced appetite and preservation of muscle mass for a long time. As well as Andriol has proven itself in strengthening the immune system.

Andriol Side Effects In Gaining Muscle Mass

In this case, Testosterone Undecanoate, of course, is inferior to Andriol, although it is a good assistant. Its is taken mostly only at night when the body is left without food for about 8 hours. Thus, it prevents the destruction of muscle tissue.

Types Of Andriol

Today Andriol is divided into three types (forms) depending on its receiving process. Below is their brief description:

Andriol Testocaps

Recently gaining popularity, because it is easier to assimilate, but, unfortunately, more expensive than other types of Testosterone Undecanoate.

Andriol Testosterone Undecanoate

It is produced by processing various acids. This method is less gentle, which causes the relative cheapness of this type of Testosterone Undecanoate. In principle, he has no more pluses.


Obtained in the process of hydrolysis, which accelerates the splitting of chemical compounds. Due to the breakdown of the protein into smaller particles, Testosterone Undecanoate promotes faster absorption of amino acids.

side effects of andriol

What Products Contain Andriol Side Effects?

Here everything is very simple. Andriol side effects protein is found in cow’s milk and its products. In favorite bodybuilders cottage cheese contains about 18% Andriol.

How And When To Take Andriol To Avoid Side Effects?

Andriol is best taken at night. As mentioned earlier, it will save muscle mass. On average, take 120 mg of Andriol dosage, diluting with water or milk. Also, many athletes mix Andriol with Testosterone Undecanoate, in a ratio of (1:2).

Side Effects In The Form Of Allergies

Andriol testocaps is not an allergenic product, but increased sensitivity to this protein is possible. As a rule, it manifests itself in children in the form of dermatitis.


The main thing that we learned, Andriol has nothing to do with the goat, because it is contained in cow’s milk 🙂 Well, seriously, Testosterone Undecanoate plays an important role in sports nutrition when drying the body with the preservation of muscle mass, as well as acts as the main assistant Andriol testocaps in the set of muscle mass.

The best quality is micellar Testosterone Undecanoate, but for good quality you need to pay more.